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Some of my favorite pictures from photo shoots





The journey has begun for my first pro physique competition


End of off season prep begins

I am very excited to take this new journey in competing. I have
missed being on stage the last two years, but looking forward to bringing my best to the stage. San Jose Pro Physique, July 12th.

The last 2 years have had their ups and downs, but life throwing you curves just makes one stronger I feel.

I have been the fitness specialist/personal trainer for Reach Fitness at an Oracle corporate gym for over a year and I love it. I have been an group exercise instructor/personal trainer for this same facility for over ten years, but really love the new job. I design and run all kinds of fitnesd programs from Maintain Don’t Gain, Cardio across the United States to my new program Meditation On The Go, which I designed to help people in the corporate world get some exercise while also learning tools and ways to manage stress.

Life is good. My hubby , my two girls, my five chihuahuas and three cats. I love them dearly

I will be posting a few progress pics and some workouts along the way on this 12 week journey

Sign off for now. Love you all. Mightymouse. Hugs