This last year I have changed things up a bit with my training.  I throw in crossfit like workouts, tabata style, kettlebell, TRX and etc. I always mix it up never doing the same thing twice.

HERE IS ONE FROM THE WEEKEND. Simple small workout

Warm up with arm circles and rotary cuff ins and outs

4 rounds of rhe following exercises no break between exercise 1 minute break between a round
TRX. Delts I,Y AND T  10 reps of each
Kettlebell squat and press.  20 reps
Dumbell one arm back rows. 20 reps
Dumbell flat chest flys 20 reps

4 rounds of following exercises.  Same break times as above
one arm kettlebell swings  20 reps each side
Rear delt reverse fly with band. 20 reps
TRX abdominal crunches and pikes. 15 reps each

Tabata round. 20 secs go 10 secs rest. 8 times= 4 minutes
Kick lunge 1 side
High knees
Side to side on bench
Kick lunge other side
Jab and jacks
Squat high jump
Seal jacks

Cool down and you are done

Happy training. This is Mightymouse

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