Starbucks Red Cups

Hey all, holiday season is upon us,   as soon as those Starbucks red cups show up it just makes me smile.   I really enjoy the holiday season, Thanksgiving, spending time with family, putting up the Christmas tree and all the lights.  joy joy.

Deadline for the request for an Arnold invite is December 16,   I need to start working on it,  I want to get it mailed by the end of November.  Wish me luck




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4 responses to “Starbucks Red Cups

  • James Watson

    Hey how are you doing Claire. I would like to wish you and your family. A Happy Thanksgiving. I know that you are not going. To pig out during Thanksgiving dinner. I wish the best next year. 2012 is going to be one heck of a year. I already know that you are preparing. To compete in bodybuilding competitions like. Ms Jan Tana, Ms. International, The Arnold Classic, and Ms. Olympia. I’m behind you all the way Claire. I support you in any way I can. I have a lot of love and respect for you. You are a very beautiful woman.

  • Danielle Colgan

    Oops! I didnt see this post. lol Yes, those Starbucks Red cups certainly put a smile on my face…Did you decide on the Arnold yet? This must be a hard time of year to be dieting, training and doing all the cardio. I give you a lot of credit!! Keep in touch and say hello to Shawn.
    Oh, I am on my way to the gym and i have your shirt on that you gave me in Hartford! I always think of that weekend. We had a great time….
    Talk soon,
    love, Danielle

    • mightymousepro

      The girls laugh at me every year when those cups come out. cause they know how much I just love the RED cups of starbucks. LOL . I just finished the Arnold letter requesting and invite, I have to print some pictures and I am going to send off this week. I really want to give it a try, I am going to start my diet first week in December and then wait for an answer. That is awesome, Lexie really loved making those shirts, she is so talented with so much, you should see what an artist free hand she is. I hope she can find a passion with something and love it and put her focus on good things. Katelynn is applying to colleges right now, a few in Ohio, she deserves it she has worked so hard, I will miss her though if she does go out of state. Have a great workout, talk at you soon. love from all of us. Claire

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