MIA Again so sorry

Hi everyone,  well without getting into to much personal family business,  been going through some things here.  Life has its up and downs, and challenges and this past year, and especially these past few months has been one very challenging time.

Been keeping my training up but struggling with where this whole female bodybuilding world is going too.   I am going to try for the Arnold Classic invite,  some say go for it, others have told me I don’t have a chance in hell.  But I say,  what is the worst that can happen, they just say no and I move on. But wonder if they don’t.  LOL.  Hey I have to give it a try.

that is pretty much all for now,  will be back soon


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2 responses to “MIA Again so sorry

  • Danielle Colgan

    Claire, i just had a chance to sign on after a long time. I hope all is well with the family. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this tough time. Hope you and your family have a peaceful thanksgiving. you certainly have alot to be thankful for. Talk soon,
    lots of hugs,
    Danielle xoxo

    • mightymousepro

      Hey Danielle, I miss you guys, sorry I am not in contact very much, but I consider you and Jamie one of our very few close friends. things are bit better, I know it will be one day at a time, but with love I know we can get through these challenges. I love the holiday season, and am looking forward to it. Happy Thanksgiving to you both too, I am ready to eat some yummy food. tons and tons of hugs
      Love Claire

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