I am so behind on updates-sorry

Hi All,   I am so sorry, way behind on updates,   I promise by end of August will have some new galleries up and hopefully my posing routine from the Europa Battle of Championships up to.   quick update, the Hartford show was such a better outcome,  I placed 1oth out of 24 incredible women and I was so extremely happy.   I will have a more detailed up on that whole weekend soon.


Take care all  Mightymouse

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3 responses to “I am so behind on updates-sorry

  • Randy Sutton

    Hi Claire,
    I really had a good time hanging out with you and Shawn. When Keith asked me to go to the Central Valley show in Modesto, I didn’t think I’d be hanging out with such nice people. This is my first visit to your web site….. All I can say is “WOW”!! You have accomplished so much! I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors !!!!!
    Randy Sutton

    • mightymousepro

      Hi Randy, thank you so much, you can’t believe how much I appreciate what you said, it is so sad to think that they want to get rid of Female bodybuilding, I just love it so much. We had such a blast yesterday, good time, great people and lots of laughs. It was great meeting you and then I had never met Jim either and he was so nice too. Hopefully we will see you again at a show and we can all hang again. The stories Steve have are great. Glad you like the web site, I finally had a friend show me how to build this website, so It is up to me to keep things up to date, and add pictures, still learning some things but it is fun. take care and have a great week Claire aka mightymouse

  • Randy Sutton

    Claire, I agree with you regarding female bodybuilding… Id hate to see it go… but I don’t think its really going away… Its just getting a new name….. “Women’s Physique”. So what do female bodybuilders do?? Slim down a bit and enter this class or call it quits???? For those that have trained hard for all those years I think it would be hard to just walk away… What do you think?

    Are you guys going to the Olympia…. I was going to go but my Niece is getting married that weekend, and my wife said, Id be in big trouble with the family if I missed it…. The next show Im going to is the San Francisco BB championship… I think its going to be held at Chabot College on Oct 1. I hope to see you there. Do you or Shawn do Facebook???

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