less then a week till the Europa Battle of Championships

It is Sunday July 24,  we leave in a few days for Hartford, CT, for my last show for the year.   I am really hoping to place a tad better then last time,  LOL,  man I sure hope so.   It will be a fun trip no matter what though,  get see my BFF Lisa,  she is flying in and staying with us and Lisa’s brother and wife are driving down for dinner saturday night(and he makes a mean cheesecake he is bringing), and then my very very good friends Danielle and Jamie are driving and going to be there for the finals and dinner and fun afterwards.   My ex-sister in law and husband live close and Shawn and are  going to lunch with them Sunday before we fly home Sunday night.   Michelle Brent lives close with her husband Bill, awesome people,  she is picking us up at the airport.   Thanks so much Michelle.    Photo shoot with one of Michelles friends Richard Creaturo Impulse Productions on Sunday and last but not least get to catch up with some friends,  Tammy, Lori, Joel, Debbie, Jennifer, Angie and many more.    Very stacked show again,  19 competitors as of today but deadline is tomorrow so we will probably see finale list on Tuesday.   I feel good and ready, just a few last minute things and then game on.    

When I get back I will update some pics from a photo shoot I had in Tampa with Ibby, and also I have some things in the works, that will be a surprise but hope to have in the next 6 to 9 months.  

take care everyone.  big hugs   Mightymouse. 


Ps thanks to all that have supported me through all of this, you know who you are. 


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