less then 3 weeks

sorry been MIA,  we got back and our momma dog was sick and we had to wean the puppies immediatly from her.   Everyone is doing great now though,  puppies are so so cute,  I will post some more pics.   and momma dog is much better.   Then my oldest daughter turned 17( she is getting older too fast)  but she had a gret day.  Back on prep last week,  all is good,  just a bit tired, holding this low bodyfat for a few more weeks.   I am looking forward to Hartford though,  my bestest friend Lisa is going to meet us there and I am really looking forward to having her there with me along with Shawn.     I did do some photo shoots while I was in Tampa,  and when I get those pics I will post.   right now I do have some stage shoots I will get up in a gallery for all to see.   I was really happy with my conditioning and what I brought,  just forgot some really important presentation things,  that I will definitly not forget in Hartford.  I really hope to place  better in Hartford.  I have to practice that posing.   Have a great day everyone   mightymouse

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