Well my feet are now wet at the pro level!

It has been a wirlwind the last few days,  I think I was more nervous then I thought I was about stepping on the pro stage for thefirst time, didn’t sleep but a few hours since we had left California.   It was a learning experience, I was a bit disappointed at getting last call out thought I might be in the 3rd, but I also knew it was a long shoot for me and really tried to not have any expectations, but hey I am competitive and like do do well.  

I was very happy with the package I brought, just forgot some very important presentations things that I need to fix.  To say I was in awe and overwelmed trying to remember all the things you need to remember would be an understatement lol.   All in all it was a good learning experience and I plan on going and doing the Hartford(Europa) show at the end of july.  

Oh and it was nice to have good reviews   from both dave palumbo on rxmuscle and Shawn Ray at MD- the critques they both do during play by play. Other then ShawnRay saying my tan looked orange lol but he always says that about me(I don’t see it) both said good things. 

Well it is early sunday , have a few photo shoots today then off for some fun at an amusement park at Orlando tomorrow with the family. 

Thanks to all who txted me yesterday with not but positive words of support. 


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