Two days and counting

We made it to Tampa yesterday, long travel day but went smooth, no hiccups and we didn’t loose any luggage.   Crazy how much we have but we do have the whole family with us. 
I am so happy with my conditioning this year and not having to make a certain weight I was able to get super lean but didn’t loose my back and delts this year.  Of course they could still be bigger lol but I feel and Shawn feels they are best they have looked to date.
This is a big show which is great for the sport of female bodybuilding, 25 female bb, we out number every other group.  Great line up of women and I am really trying to just enjoy and not get caught up in placings.  As my best friend Lisa said to me today “enjoy the experience, know that I have worked my ass off and I deserve to shine”. With friends like Lisa and husbands like my Shawn and my girls I am so blessed.

I will keep you all posted. Claire

Oops I can’t forget all my friends from the gym who are rooting for me and all that have shown me support on facebook, on forumson txt. Thanks all

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2 responses to “Two days and counting

  • monica

    I’m so excited for you! I checked out the IFBB website for the Tampa show and am going be looking for updates.
    You go out there and be your Mighty self. We are with you!!

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