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Stuck in Tampa

Hi everyone,  well we were suppose to be in a plane on the way home right now,  but no go.  Plane was delayed, then there was no connecting flight for us, so airline has us put up in hotel in Tampa till tomorrow afternoon when we will try and fly home again.   When we do get home I will post a blog about my whole experience at my first pro show.   Till then. 


Well my feet are now wet at the pro level!

It has been a wirlwind the last few days,  I think I was more nervous then I thought I was about stepping on the pro stage for thefirst time, didn’t sleep but a few hours since we had left California.   It was a learning experience, I was a bit disappointed at getting last call out thought I might be in the 3rd, but I also knew it was a long shoot for me and really tried to not have any expectations, but hey I am competitive and like do do well.  

I was very happy with the package I brought, just forgot some very important presentations things that I need to fix.  To say I was in awe and overwelmed trying to remember all the things you need to remember would be an understatement lol.   All in all it was a good learning experience and I plan on going and doing the Hartford(Europa) show at the end of july.  

Oh and it was nice to have good reviews   from both dave palumbo on rxmuscle and Shawn Ray at MD- the critques they both do during play by play. Other then ShawnRay saying my tan looked orange lol but he always says that about me(I don’t see it) both said good things. 

Well it is early sunday , have a few photo shoots today then off for some fun at an amusement park at Orlando tomorrow with the family. 

Thanks to all who txted me yesterday with not but positive words of support. 


Two days and counting

We made it to Tampa yesterday, long travel day but went smooth, no hiccups and we didn’t loose any luggage.   Crazy how much we have but we do have the whole family with us. 
I am so happy with my conditioning this year and not having to make a certain weight I was able to get super lean but didn’t loose my back and delts this year.  Of course they could still be bigger lol but I feel and Shawn feels they are best they have looked to date.
This is a big show which is great for the sport of female bodybuilding, 25 female bb, we out number every other group.  Great line up of women and I am really trying to just enjoy and not get caught up in placings.  As my best friend Lisa said to me today “enjoy the experience, know that I have worked my ass off and I deserve to shine”. With friends like Lisa and husbands like my Shawn and my girls I am so blessed.

I will keep you all posted. Claire

Oops I can’t forget all my friends from the gym who are rooting for me and all that have shown me support on facebook, on forumson txt. Thanks all

2 weeks till Tampa Pro Show.

Wow can’t believe it is almost here,  I am so ready, prep has been amazing,  my husband and I worked so well together, so far everything has gone like clockwork and smooth, which has been so stress free.    I am positive that the next two weeks will follow suit.    It looks like the Tampa Pro show is going to have an awesome showing for female bodybuilders,  19 so far and I think one more week till the deadline.    Unfortually the Toronto show next weekend only has 10 female bodybuilders, I know it is a new show, but I hope they don’t cut the FBB from their show next year because of not a big showing of women.   We are already down too many shows.     I am seriously thinking of doing the Hartford at the end of July but will decide after we get back.  Heres to positive thinking and positive outcomes.  take care.   mightymouse

New puppie pic


2 1/2 weeks old.  Mom Riley. Babies punky,sadie and lucy

Training tip for the week

Interval Cardio is capable of burning more calories then straight cardio………CALORIES…….NOT BODYFAT.